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Combining real-world experience with Best Practice, Plan-Net can design and implement a Service Management System that delivers a high-performing, efficient and consistent service.

By undertaking a Process Design Implementation Project with Plan-Net, organisations can expect the following results and benefits:

Improved Service Efficiency and Capability

  • A focused and proactive approach to service provision by adopting a consistent approach to handling all faults, queries and requests
  • Identification of specific areas and techniques that might be deployed in order to reduce costs
  • Improved service-desk toolset utilisation & return-on-investment
  • Removal of obstructive, bureaucratic processes where present
  • An understanding of how best to address any process deficiencies that are found in the environment
  • A clearer understanding of, and alignment to, industry best practice
  • Fewer Change-related issues so less ‘fire-fighting’
  • Last but not the least, a solution that will provide the internal Process Champions with experienced external expertise to accelerate the Project to realise the benefits in a much shorter and definitive timeframe

Improved End-User Service

  • Measurable increases in customer service, perception and satisfaction by increased level of knowledge and support at the first line
  • A reduced number of recurring Incidents
  • Increased user confidence through reduced negative impact of Change
  • Increased customer commitment through business engagement
  • Identification of opportunities to improve business relationship management
  • Improved organisational learning

Increased Business Alignment

  • An improved understanding of how well the current organisational model fits the current requirements for delivery of IT services

Reduced Operational Risk

  • An understanding of any significant exposures that exist, particularly with regard to elements of technology, or individual skills or staff members

Improved Management Visibility

  • Accurate and meaningful management information resulting in the ability to make informed tactical and strategic decisions
  • Clearer view of requirements and responsibilities
  • Increased visibility and communication of Changes


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