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All of Plan-Net’s Services are underpinned by great people. Our recruitment, assessment, screening & performance management processes ensure that our IT professionals have the necessary skills for the role and are capable, reliable and user-friendly.

In addition, we ensure our staff have access to training for the most up-to-date technologies and qualifications.

Here's what a selection of Plan-Net employees have to say.


I work with a brilliant Service Desk team and team leaders here and it has been very rewarding to work with such a professional and dedicated set of individuals. 

Jaya Reddi, Plan-Net 24 Service Manager and finalist for 'Future CIO of the Year' at Women in IT Awards 2015.


 Working at lots of different offices and locations within London has kept the work varied and engaging. Going into a new company is always challenging as there is a lot to learn, and you have to learn quickly. I work hard to blend in and rapidly become part of the team.

Mark Lloyd, Service Desk Team Leader at Plan-Net and shortlisted for the IT Support Professional of the Year at the Service Desk Institute Awards 2015.


 I was honoured to be shortlisted for the award, and I'm sure its only a matter of time before a knighthood from the Queen is on its way. On a serious note, initially I felt quite embarrassed by it all as I know Plan-Net has a number of staff across our sites that would comfortably fit this bill. 

Erten Yussuf, Service Alignment Manager for Plan-Net Managed Service Clients & finalist for IT Support Professional of the Year 2012 at the UK IT Industry Awards.

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