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Co Sourced Support


Co-Sourced Support from Plan-Net is a service that provides skilled IT resource when and where you need it cost effectively, and under your management control .

As part of the service, Plan-Net handle all aspects of matching, delivering and maintaining the correct level of resource. This includes technical testing, training, performance review and guaranteed capacity levels.

Co-Sourced Support is defined by flexibility and is accountable to your standards. By using our staff within your support team, you gain an adaptable resource component that provides you with maximum control over the quality of service delivered to your users along with a provider as accountable for service delivery as you are.

  We would like to thank everyone at Plan-Net for the excellent service you have provided the Bank over the last eight years.  

Judy Bennett, Head of Service, Bank of England


Our proven approach has established Plan-Net as a leading provider of Co-Sourced Support in the UK.

Performance Management

We are committed to being accountable to our clients and ensuring they have full transparency on the Service we are delivering at all times. The SLAs we deliver to are based on what the client needs, not taken from a pre-defined 'menu' and our Account Teams come out top of supplier performance lists time and time again.

Individual KPI Management

Our Account Teams manage the performance of all our staff via detailed key performance indicators and regular, updated technical testing designed by our Technical Infrastructure Consultants. 

If you have existing KPIs in place we can work to them, or if not we can work with you to develop them using industry benchmarking and guarantee delivery against these targets. We are confident in our ability to provide the level of service your business demands which means we can build a costing structure that ensures you only ever pay for the level of service you receive.

High performing Plan-Net staff can help to motivate your own staff by setting the bar while you'll also benefit from access to our leading Service Management, Infrastructure and Security Consultancies.

Multisite Cover Model

Alongside our pool of site-dedicated resource, we also operate a multisite cover team. This team is familiar and competent with all of our sites' environments. In turn, this means we have an experienced resource supply available at short notice no matter what the eventuality is.

For clients with requirements for a larger team, we can incorporate absence cover into the model at no extra cost.

Ensuring Service Consistency

Our model is based on strategic & operational engagement designed to deliver high and consistent levels of performance. The ways in which we achieve this are:

  • Guaranteed capacity levels for teams of 6 or more staff with onsite cover giving additional, non-chargeable days.
  • Site awareness builds client knowledge into the Multisite team at no cost to you.
  • All our Managed Resource Services are managed via a dedicated Support Operations desk at our Head Office in the heart of the City.
  • Chargeable hours and absences are tracked via our unique web-based timesheet system and authorised by the client management team.
  • For clients with a requirement for a larger team, we are able to incorporate absence cover into the model at no extra cost. Not only does this remove HR headaches and of course, the extra cost of holiday cover, it is also a great way to reduce dips in service levels


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