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24/7 Availability

Plan-Net’s bespoke Out-of-Hours service ensures round the clock support for your Users.

Plan-Net’s 24/7 Availability provides fully tailored out-of-hours support to extend your standard Service Desk hours around the clock. Whether to ensure your UK Users have support while working domestically or travelling, or that your teams in other time zones have support outside of your UK Service Desk hours, our Out of Hours Service Desk is available both to Plan-Net Service Desk customers, and to organisations providing their own daytime Service Desk.

What does our 24/7 Out of Hours Support give you?

What does our 24/7 Out of Hours Support give you?

Outside of your normal Service Desk hours, Plan-Net’s 24/7 team assumes responsibility for supporting your Users, with a service tailored to your specific requirements.

Users contact the Out of Hours Service Desk by phone, email or via your own service portal. Their calls are taken on your own, dedicated call queue with your own, tailored and brand consistent messaging.

We log and manage support tickets inside your own ticket logging system.

At the beginning and end of each Out of Hours support period, there is a comprehensive onboarding and handover with your daytime Service Desk.

Would our 247 Support be right for you

Would our 24/7 Support be right for you?

If you’re a professional services organisation with more than 500 Users, and your people work, at home or on the road, outside of the normal hours of your Service Desk, the 24/7 availability of our Out of Hours Support would ensure they are never without IT backup. If you have overseas offices in other time zones, which do not have local IT support in place, our Out of Hours Support will keep them covered outside of your UK Service Desk hours.

What are the big wins of 24/7 IT support availability with Plan-Net?

For your Users

  • Full support when working domestically in the evening or at weekends, or when travelling in other time zones.
  • Support during local working hours for overseas offices in other time zones.

For your IT Department

  • Ability to provide Users with seamless round the clock support.
  • Seamless continuity between daytime and Out of Hours support, with tickets logged to the same system.
  • Continuation of issue resolution outside of UK Service Desk hours.

For the Business

  • Business enabling support for needs of executives working around the clock or travelling globally.
  • Cost effective provision of high quality extended hours support.
  • Adherence to all company security protocols and procedures.

//In addition to being able to support international staff centrally and offer our UK staff a better level of out-of-hours support, we can now provide a much more proactive service. Besides availability increasing, Plan-Net's analysts working during the night can look at less urgent tickets raised during the day and provide a much quicker turnaround for the overall service.

IT Manager, Kennedys, Global Law Firm

Is our 24/7 Availability ‘Business Advantage IT’?

Of course. Providing your Users with the same standard of expert and specifically skilled IT support at night, at weekends and regardless of time zone, that they enjoy during daytime Service Desk hours in the UK, ensures the business continues functioning efficiently no matter what happens or when it happens. That’s a clear advantage over lost productivity or opportunity.

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