5 Steps to Successful Service Transition

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As our reliance on IT only increases with time, it is being more and more acknowledged that the IT Service Desk is the backbone of most organisations. It not only serves to support the business, but can improve the way work is carried out ultimately assisting the business to be more competitive.

A Service Transition project can help the service it needs to be efficient, well-managed and up-to-date with the latest innovations.

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What to expect:

Service Transition is the term referred to the building and deploying of IT services by embedding formal processes and Best Practice frameworks into the operations of the service.

In this guide you will get to explore the 5 main stages that companies wishing to transition their Support service need to follow for a successful outcome: scope definition; future state model identification; roadmap and service design; service transition phase; live service and continual service improvement.

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With Plan-Net, we have been able to achieve and enterprise-grade IT Service Desk platform read to support the business with our growth plans.

Abby Ewen, IT Director, BLM

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