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An update from James Karp, COO of Acora Group, about how we are operationally managing, through COVID-19, for our customers.

Across the Acora group we continue to support our clients remotely and the operational delivery teams have risen to the challenge in a way that fills me with immense pride. 

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An update from James Karp, COO of Acora about how we are operationally managing through COVID-19 - 20th March

Our continuing priority remains the welfare of our employees and our customers’ employees.

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An update from James Karp, COO of Acora about how we are operationally managing through COVID-19

Like other organisations, we are following the recommendations of public health authorities and are limiting travel and in-person meetings, but across our UK wide IT operations businesses, the entire ...

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Plan-Net response to COVID-19 Virus

We, like you, have been monitoring the COVID-19 virus situation carefully. As a company, we feel it is prudent to take action now and that we prepare further, should there be an escalation. Our first ...

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The 3 main considerations when creating a Cyber-Security Strategy

Selecting a partner for your security requirements is similar to IT procurement decisions you have made before – and will probably follow the traditional 3 questions, with a twist…..

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Which type of cloud is right for you?

These days it’s almost impossible to find an organisation that doesn’t rely at least partially on cloud services. It’s becoming more integral to our daily lives, in and outside of the workplace. Cloud...

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Bridging the gap between Development and Operations in 2020

  The current climate within Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) brings along a multitude of challenges for I&O leaders to further innovate within the field.  In the past, software developers and infras...

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IT metrics VS Business Value: How can you effectively get your message across?

  In today’s fast-paced digital world, innovating and investing in the right IT technology is essential in order to remain competitive. However, demonstrating the value of the services that IT teams b...

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Shortlisted as the Outsourcing Company of the Year at the 2020 National Technology Awards

Plan-Net is proud to be announced as one of three finalists for the ‘Outsourcing Company of the Year’ Category at the 2020 National Technology Awards. We are honoured to be recognised at this prestigi...

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