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Measuring how happy users are with your service desk

Happiness. It’s such an abstract quality. Ask just about anyone whether they are happy about this, about that or about the other, and their response is likely to be shaded. They are not unhappy. They ...

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Does your existing IT support provider deliver on these vital KPI's?

To assess how well your IT support provider is performing, transparency is essential. How effectively and efficiently are incidents being resolved? To what extent are user expectations being met? What...

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5 ways IT Support will change in 2020

As we approach summer, it is a good time to take stock of the current state of play in IT Support Services, how it is evolving and which of the current trends set to continue. In a world increasingly ...

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The Rise of Office 365 in Enterprise

For Microsoft, the 'cloud' is nothing new. Whilst Office 365 was officially launched to the market in October 2010, the tech giant has been releasing cloud products as far back as 2002, when it introd...

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