How Plan-Net's approach to IT creates true business advantage

Maximising the productivity of your people and so of the business

We make certain that, throughout your organisation, your people know that the IT on which they depend to do their jobs - hardware, software, networks and devices - will be working efficiently, all of the time.

We also provide total assurance that if something does fail, or a member of your team requires assistance in using any part of the IT ecosystem, expert support specifically skilled to the needs of your business will be no more than a call or email away.

This combination of dependability and effective, rapid support fuel the productivity of each member of your team, and so of the business itself.


Leveraging IT to facilitate your strategic business goals and objectives

With close collaboration at Management level, we can extend your IT from being a business enabler into a core driver of growth, efficiency and development opportunities within the business.

This requires understanding and analytical consideration not only of current processes and workflows, but of the underlying functions and demands of the business, so that methodologies can be developed which extract greater efficiency from resources and talent. In turn, this opens the door for lowered costs, increased productivity and greater competitiveness.

Building your business an IT infrastructure that lets it run efficiently and scale easily

When we think about your IT infrastructure, the technology environment that underpins every aspect of your business, we do so holistically.

In optimising efficiency, planning changes or on-boarding technologies, we consider all aspects and implications of each decision, and ensure the integrity, performance and stability of your entire estate.

As a component of this, our considerations include continuous provision for scaling, so that wherever and in whatever way you need your IT to expand with your operations, you’re able to do this quickly and cost effectively.

Ensuring your security, safety and compliance

Our input into the planning and design of your IT platform, as well as our continuous service monitoring, ensure the highest level of security across your IT systems, and at all interfaces with partner and supplier networks, as well as with the Internet.

We build in comprehensive redundancies, and put in place effective and rapidly accessible cover for all contingencies. These are designed around the specific operations and usage of the business, and guarantee operational capability and continuity in the event of network or cyberattack or physical disaster.

Our systems and security design ensure you are fully compliant with UK and European Data protection laws, as well as with specific requirements of corporate or industry regulatory stipulations.

Providing skillsets and capacity specific to the needs of your business.

IT is a catchall term encompassing a huge range of skillsets.

We shape the team we assign to look after your business, your people and your systems to include not only the appropriate technical skills, but precise tailorings of these skills to the specific needs of your business, in your sector.

In addition, the depth of our resource in all areas means that we can scale the capacity assigned to you at any time, in either direction, to keep in line with the changing needs of your business.

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