Supporting organisation restructure with high performance end-user IT

SLA-driven Best Practice Service Desk for one of UK and Ireland’s leading risk and insurance law businesses.

Project at a glance

Customer challenge

  • Improve end-user productivity and efficiency to support overall business strategy.
  • Improve end-user perception of IT through increasing capability and customer service of IT support.
  • Improve working relationship between IT Service Desk and other areas of IT.

Plan-Net solutions & services

  • Service Desk Toolset Implementation & Integration.
    Service Transformation.
  • An SLA-driven Best Practice Service Desk with extended availability.


  • Increased end-user satisfaction and productivity across BLM lawyers and staff.
  • Improved customer service and responsiveness with access to extended availability at a commercial price point.
  • Increased Service Desk resolution alleviates distracting workload for other areas of IT. Meaningful management reporting supports better on-going business and IT decision making.
BLM Plan-Net Case Study

The Challenge

Following a number of major combinations and accelerated growth, the insurance and dispute resolution law firm rebranded to become BLM in May 2014 and set out its vision to become one of the leading global insurance and risk law specialists by 2020. This initiated a restructure of the firm to reflect its customers’ needs and its goal of helping them to reduce the time and money they spend on managing risks and resolving disputes.

BLM’s focus on an efficient client service delivery model naturally led to a spotlight on the contribution from IT and technology in achieving this. When it came to the importance of IT support in achieving BLM’s overall vision, there was a general consensus that lawyers and staff must have the necessary tools and support to perform their roles as effectively as possible.

Both Abby Ewen and Darren Broughton, Head of IT at BLM, agreed that the Service Desk, in particular, directly impacts on end-user productivity levels.  They needed an enterprise-level IT support platform to support the firm's ambitions.

The Solution

BLM selected Plan-Net to deliver a Managed Service Desk to its 1,600 staff across its 13 offices throughout the UK and Ireland. It was its first ever outsource contract.

Following this, the BLM IT support function underwent a significant process of Service Transformation. Managed by Plan-Net, this included a new Service Desk toolset, a Service Desk restructure and a complete overhaul on process.


Now the Service Desk team is seen as an integral part of the IT department. First Time Fix rates have increased from 57% at the start of the project to recent statistics of 84%. Service Desk Resolution is now at levels around 90%, which is unprecedented.

Darren Broughton, Head of IT, BLM

Now, Plan-Net manages the law firm's on-site IT Service Desk function, providing extended availability through its 24/7 Shared Service Desk, based in the UK.

Darren explains some of the benefits "With only 10% of all contacts being escalated to other IT teams and better collaboration, working relationships between the Service Desk and the rest of the IT, especially the Desktop
Support team have dramatically improved. With end-user satisfaction hugely improved and less distraction for others in IT, we now have much more time to focus on other IT projects that will improve the business.” Darren concludes.

This includes projects such as the IT integration of new legal partners including most recently an acquisition of an Irish law firm, as BLM continues with its expansion ambitions and moves closer towards achieving its 2020 vision.

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