Cloud Consultancy

Expert consulting to ensure optimal use of Cloud solutions in your IT environment.

Navigating your way to a scenario that enables your business to make effective and appropriate use of Cloud Computing calls for both a proper understanding of your business and your sector, and solid expertise in cloud solutions.

Plan-Net has the vision and experience of on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions across a wide range of commerce and Professional Services fields, and in particular in Law and Finance. We can help fully understand the potential impacts on your organisation, and reach the right solution to fulfil the strategic needs of your business.

What could our Cloud Consultancy do for you?

What could our Cloud Consultancy do for you?

Cloud can look like a mire, with conflicting myth and opinion wherever you look.

Our expert Cloud Consultants can advise on the implications of virtualisation, Cloud Services, apps and storage, including user access to applications and data; networking & connectivity needs; security implications; data centre requirements; integration & migration; and costs and savings.

We’re not bound to a single solution or vendor, but enjoy key industry partnerships including Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, and NetApp.

Could our Cloud Consultancy be of value to you?

Could our Cloud Consultancy be of value to you?

If you are yet to make a decisive move to Cloud solutions, or would like to rethink your use to ensure you are gaining maximum benefit from Cloud, without causing yourselves unnecessary woes, our Cloud Consultancy would provide exactly the right, independent input and expertise.


// I am always happy to recommend Plan-Net - they have knowledgeable staff, practical & technical expertise, and the approach and flexibility that you need in consultants. I trust Plan-Net 100%.

Director of Information Services, Learning & Skills Network

Is our Cloud Consultancy ‘Business Advantage IT’?

Very much so. Cloud is complex and an area in which it’s easy to make poor decisions which may prove costly, or even impossible, to rectify. By de-risking your decision making around Cloud, our Cloud Consultancy provides definite business advantage.

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