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IT Deskside Support

IT Deskside Support is Plan-Net’s "we’ll-be-right-there" service for situations where a remote fix isn’t the answer.

Our IT Deskside Support service provides an effective extension to your Service Desk, delivering timely and often ‘crisis-averting’ hands-on assistance to your Users, your IT Department and your Facilities Managers at deskside. In addition to its high value to Users at critical moments, Deskside Support provides visible reassurance of your commitment to supporting them in performing their duties without any hinderance.

What does our IT Deskside Support service give you?

Our Service Desk service provides Users and IT Managers with rapid and effective resolution of the vast majority of incidents and requests for assistance.

IT Deskside Support complements this, giving Users on-the-ground, hands-on assistance with issues affecting desktop software and hardware, virtual environments, printers, devices (including BYOD) and remote connectivity.

In addition, IT Deskside Support gives your IT Department and Office Management team a responsive resource for implementing joiners and leavers, desktop moves and other day to day changes.

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Would our IT Deskside Support be good for you?

If you’re a professional services organisation involved in the Banking, Investment Management, Private Equity, Insurance, Legal, Accounting or Consulting fields, you have more than 500 users and have your Service Desk in place, then our Deskside Support service ensures that hands-on assistance is always on its way.

What are the big wins with Plan-Net Deskside Support?
For your Users
  • Reassurance that if something goes wrong at a critical moment in their workload, expert help can be with them in minutes.
  • Helpful support in making full use of IT assets and technologies within the business.
For your IT Department
  • On-hand resource for implementing reallocation and reconfiguring of office space.
  • Increased productivity with elimination of distracting calls for assistance.
  • Specially skilled support resources.
For the Business
  • Increased productivity through rapid and expert deskside support for Users.
  • Reduced risk exposure from presence of hands on support in critical situations.
  • One-point accountability. Total transparency.
  • Time/cost saving.
IT Deskside Support client headshot - Plan-Net

"It is a pleasure to work with Plan-Net. We wanted a ‘high-touch’ support team and they are consistently delivering this. Overall, Plan-Net has brought knowledge and direction to the service and individually they have been building rapport with our user base and take personal pride in resolving each ticket."

Roland D'Costa, Director of Global IT Services, 3i plc

Is our Deskside Support ‘Business Advantage IT’?

Definitely. No matter how good a Service Desk is, there will always be occasions on which what’s needed is for a Support Engineer to ‘show up and fix it’ or ‘show up and show me’. Plan-Net’s Deskside Support means your Users can get on with their work knowing that their problem will soon be resolved by somebody helpful and expert appearing at their side.

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