Increase the capacity of your in-house Service Desk with Plan-Net's versatile and non-disruptive new resource.

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IT End User Support

Plan-Net’s diverse portfolio of IT end user support services to guarantee your Users and IT Department the help they need.

IT End User Support forms the cornerstone of Plan-Net's offer. Our portfolio of services is designed to help the business, and your in-house IT resource, to provide your Users with comprehensive back up so they can work without hinderance, and with the full benefits of your IT investment, at all times, regardless of their work pattern. It is also designed to support your IT Department, giving it the resource to outsource, scale or upskill the support it provides, either long term or on a project basis.

IT Service Desk

Rapid response, high first-level fix, best practice Support from 7am to 8pm, accessible by phone, email, portal and chat messenger. Capability and capacity matched to a detailed analysis of your ticket data. Out of Hours Support available as an add on.

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IT Service Desk service agent - Plan-Net
IT Deskside Support agent and user - Plan-Net

IT Deskside Support

The reassurance of hands-on, physical presence assistance for your Users for situations in which a remote fix is not the right response, combined with the resource to implement joiners and leavers, desktop moves and similar day to day physical requirements.

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IT Service Desk Additional Resource

Service Desk Boost. Our unique service for underpinning the resource of your own IT Service Desk on a highly flexible contract that plugs our site-trained, expert Support engineers directly into your ACD, helping you resolve tickets, cover absences or backfill project demands.

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IT Service Desk Additional Resource agent - Plan-Net
247 IT Service Desk Support team - Plan-Net

24/7 IT Service Desk Support

Extend the support available to your Users around the clock, dovetailing seamlessly with your daytime provision. Covers UK staff working late, at weekends or while in other time zones, and supports overseas offices outside of UK business hours.

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Flexible On-site IT Support

Bespoke, continuously adjustable, business-skilled teams provide an ideal way to add scale or specialist skills to your in-house resource to free up capacity, relieve recruitment difficulties or deploy a complete project without compromising normal service delivery.

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Flexible On-site IT Support agent and user - Plan-Net

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