Increase the capacity of your in-house Service Desk with Plan-Net's versatile and non-disruptive new resource.

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Flexible Onsite IT Support

Plan-Net’s flexible onsite IT Support helps you manage exceptional situations in your IT requirement.

Flexible Onsite IT Support is Plan-Net’s fully adaptive ‘tactical special forces’ service, designed as a way for you to deal with specific needs in your IT support caused by a shortage of your own resource, a lack of specific skilling, or by the deployment demands of a particular project.

Focused on mainstream (usually Microsoft led) industry-prevalent technology, Flexible Onsite IT Support gives you a bespoke team, fully conversant with your industry and commissioned specifically for the specification of your contract.

What does our Flexible Onsite IT Support give you?

Flexible additional resource, compared to your permanent, day to day availability.

A Flexible Onsite IT Support team, usually comprising 6, 9 or 12 engineers, is deployed onsite. The team delivers both 1st and 2nd Line Support, or a hybrid combination of the two. Once in place, the team can be flexed up and down at short notice, or the skill content adjusted as required, depending on changing requirements.

The team is managed by an experienced IT Service Delivery Manager, who works alongside your own Support managers and who understands your business and your specific support requirements. This leaves your own managers free to focus on managing the service itself.

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Would our Flexible Onsite IT Support be of use to you?

If you’re in Financial or Professional Services, Media, Telecoms or Education industries, you have more than 500 users, and either your own Support team requires additional or backfill resource, or you have an ad-hoc desktop project to deploy, this would be an excellent way to address your need while maintaining full management control.

What are the big wins with Plan-Net's Flexible Onsite IT support?
For your Users
  • Business as usual. Support for their day to day needs remains at its required level regardless of shortages of internal support resource, or the resourcing needs of special projects.
  • Faster deployment of latest tools and technologies.
For your IT Department
  • Faster deployment of latest tools and technologies.
  • Flexibility to fine-tune available Support skills and resource levels.
  • Ability to progress non-BAU workload without compromising day to day Support.
For the Business
  • Reduced overheads from reduced in-house time and costs.
  • Ability to upskill available Support service without incurring cost of training.
  • Ability to upskill available Support service without incurring cost of training.
Flexible Onsite IT Support  client meeting - Plan-Net

"The flexible onsite support model really works for us. With a large Service Desk to manage, we know we can rely on Plan-Net to provide us with the skillsets we need, when we need them, allowing us to focus on improving the overall service."

Head of Service Desk, UCL, Leading London University

Is our Flexible Onsite IT Support ‘Business Advantage IT’?

Without question. The ability to complement, rescale and reskill your own resource with complete flexibility gives you the facility to get through strategic IT plans and tasks on schedule, without compromising day to day needs. That gives you valuable advantage over competitors straining to balance these two equally important demands using finite resource.

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