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With offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Sydney & Auckland, law firm Kennedys has moved its IT support to shared service Plan-Net 24 in order to strengthen its ability to deliver on its international growth plans.

Plan-Net 24, the only 24/7 UK-based IT Service Desk dedicated to supporting law firms, now provides round-the-clock remote 1st line support to all of Kennedys’ lawyers and staff from its Central London location.

As the law firm plans to strengthen its international footprint, the challenge for the IT team, run from its London HQ, is to ensure it is equipped with a global IT platform that is stable and high-performing. James Elmer, IT Manager at Kennedys explains “Investment in technology is important, but a huge element to achieving this is ensuring we have an effective support eco-system in place. That is fundamentally about having the right people and processes embedded.”

He continues; “We were finding it quite difficult to resource the quality of staff with the right skill-set and drive to want to do the job. In the legal sector, not only are there specific technologies to learn, the end-users tend to be quite demanding. We found ourselves in a constant state of finding, recruiting, training and performance managing staff, and having to deal with escalations of user complaints of poor performers. It meant we were fire-fighting all the time.”

Plan-Net 24 Analysts were first deployed to work on-site at Kennedys offices alongside its in-house team earlier this year and then service delivery was transferred to Plan-Net 24, based at Plan-Net’s head office in Temple. In July this year, Plan-Net 24 then began the 24 hour delivery.

James explains the immediate benefits of a more formal out-of-hours model. “In addition to being able to support international staff centrally and offer UK staff a better level of out-of-hours support, we can now provide a much more proactive service. Besides availability increasing, analysts working during the night can look at less urgent tickets raised during the day and provide a much quicker turnaround time for the overall service.”

The next big project for Kennedys IT is Project Athena. This covers the roll out of Windows 7 & Office 2013 on a VDI platform globally. It’s an ambitious project the IT team at Kennedys are hoping to complete this year.

James Elmer concludes. “Working with Plan-Net has enabled us to really focus on improving the service as a whole. Firstly, we have the confidence in a Support service that will be able to maintain business as usual whilst giving us the time to focus on planning this upcoming project. Secondly, when we do move into the implementation phase, we know we can rely on a capable support function during what will be no doubt be a challenging period ahead of us.”

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