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Are you under pressure to increase capacity, extend availability or upskill your IT support team to keep in line with business demands? 

Does it seem like you are forever working to maintain status-quo in your IT support team, rather than moving the service forward?

Are you constantly wasting time sifting through a deluge of CVs from recruitment agencies that don't fully understand your needs?

Plan-Net can take away all these headaches. We provide a tailored and flexible on-site support service that sits under your management control. By using Plan-Net, you can remove all your overheads involved in recruitment, on-boarding, training, HR administration and performance management.

Simply put, you can rely on the managed deployment of the right IT support capability and capacity, when and where you need it.

What is Flexible On-Site Support? 

We can handle all aspects of matching, delivering and maintaining the correct level of support.This includes technical testing, training, performance reviews and guaranteed capacity levels.We are ready to help you shift your focus from time-consuming and costly people management to overall service excellence. 

Our Flexible On-Site Support Service is defined by flexibility and accountable to your standards. By using our service alongside your own team, you gain an adaptable IT Support component that provides you with maximum control over the quality of service delivered. 

Plan-Net offers a fresh alternative to traditional capacity models; a complete end-to-end service tailored to your needs and backed by our 28 years of technical and commercial experience. 

You'll be given a dedicated IT professional Service Delivery Manager. They will bring their expert support management experience to your business and:

  • Be your single point of contact
  • Understand your unique needs
  • Ensure quality of service
  • Share best working practices

Why choose our Flexible On-Site Support? 

We develop a deep understanding of your business needs in order to deploy a highly trained, flexible support solution on your premises. You can trust our flexible on-site support to address specific issues in your service – whether it’s capacity related, capability related or both. 

Let us help you: 

  • Reduce management overheads by reducing in-house time and costs
  • Increase support in your 1st line, 2nd line or both
  • Deliver a highly trained support service tailored to your needs 
  • Take away the habitual headache of staff turnover
  • Excel during peaks in business activity with flexible capacity management
  • Upskill instantly without the training costs - our experts bring their skills to you
  • Maintain capacity and service levels with trained absence cover 
  • Assist in the delivery ITIL best practices to streamline and improve your IT support processes
  • Gain continuous service improvement against an service deliverables and KPIs agreed by you 

  We would like to thank everyone at Plan-Net for the excellent service you have provided the Bank over the last eight years.  

Judy Bennett, Head of Service, Bank of England