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Is your business deploying Windows 10? Are you ready to support it on an ongoing basis? While the initial deployment will be handled much the same as any other OS upgrade, Windows 10 isn’t a set and forget implementation. Your business will rely heavily on an engineering function to handle the planning, customisation and standardisation of the upgrade, but the IT team needs to find a new way to manage the updates that Windows 10 will bring every 6 months or so.


How many vendors does your IT function work with? How much of the vendor management piece does your Service Desk handle and can being more hands-on improve performance?


With greater demand for mobility and cloud based apps, new technology continues to create complexity in the workplace. We really are at a time of great innovation and change. This is both exciting and challenging for those of us in the IT space. In this time of transformation, how can your Service Desk better support emerging technology?


Are you buried under a mound of aged tickets? The daily demand to keep your technology running smoothly can mean you miss the wood for the trees. As a manager of a high volume Service Desk, it is easy to overlook or even turn a blind eye to ageing tickets. But deep down, you know that this will cause untold problems in the long run.


Everyone talks about the challenges of handling a large number of users. But what about the IT Support desk that handles a small user base? Typically, a smaller user base means you work in a smaller business and that has challenges of its own; you likely have smaller budgets, fewer resources and not a huge number of IT staff. While there can be advantages to be small and nimble, there are some common issues that are likely to be faced by small teams. Let’s take a look at some of the challenges and the solutions that be applied to resolve them effectively.