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graphThere’s been a lot of debate about Facebook’s valuation, exacerbated by the fact that the shares fell sharply on both days following the IPO. Of course, what something is worth is primarily a factor of what someone is prepared to pay. But people like something concrete on which to make a valuation, and unfortunately Facebook’s price seems based on the prediction that it will grow revenues and profits massively in the next few years.

women in techThere is a lot of controversy surrounding the subject of Women in IT. At the moment, it seems to be at the forefront of people's minds as the realisation of the truth and what this actually means comes to light. Despite lots of "Women in Tech" initiatives, the big players are unable to boast much in terms of a gender-representative system within technical industries or within leadership. Laszlo Bock, Google's senior Vice President of People Operations, said: "Put simply, Google is not where we want to be when it comes to diversity."

ashfordPlan-Net has provided Ashford Borough Council with specialist IT services for a number of years. The council runs an in-house IT team but turns to Plan-Net when it needs specialist assistance. Therefore, when the Council was looking to carry out an infrastructure project to upgrade from Microsoft Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010, it was confident Plan-Net had the right knowledge and expertise.

leave the code aloneA recent discussion around the question “Do tech entrepreneurs need to know how to code?” prompted Barry Houghton, Infrastructure Manager, to share his thoughts on the matter.

losing controlBusinesses are always looking for ways to reduce IT spend whilst retaining or improving service levels. One common consideration is to outsource the IT function, or part of it, typically the service desk, to a service provider. Understandably some organisations are wary of the term outsourcing and the concept of using a service provider. There is often a perception that handing part of the business to an external company equates to losing control over it.