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decisionsWhich hypervisor is the best? Whether you're joining the virtual party a little bit late or you're going through a refresh of your virtual platform, you might be asking yourself this very question. With all of the various products out there, it can all get overwhelming. So how do you arrive at a decision?

gartner symposiumTechnical Services Director, Adrian Polley attends the Gartner Symposium in Barcelona. Amongst all the tech talk, discussions emerge around the increasing presence of an alternative role to the IT Director leading the innovation with the IT Director being left to manage the legacy systems. Here are his comments on the event...

cloudySo you want to impress your boss by saving the company money and taking your IT to the Cloud.
Great idea...Why not?

"The Cloud" is a buzzword that's been around for a good 10 years. It can mean so many different things to different people. For instance, I heard of one job candidate who managed to genuinely impress his non-technical interviewers because he mentioned "The Cloud" in one of the answers. When in actual fact it was a totally irrelevant response to the question. I'm still trying to find out if he got the job.

insomniaThe other day, a colleague asked for my advice on building a simple Change Management risk matrix for categorising RFC's (Request For Change) at CAB (Change Advisory Board) according to the industry standard; "Minor", "Significant", "Major" and the dreaded... "Reject". My initial thoughts were that an honest project risk log would suffice, however it soon became clear that such an approach would be unsuitable for the intended audience.

byte nightLast night Plan-Net was delighted to host a table at a fundraising dinner organised by its law firm client, Norton Rose Fulbright.