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Do you suspect you could drive new efficiencies with cloud technology? Many businesses are recognising the cost benefits that cloud environments can deliver. But choosing the right mix of on-premise, cloud or hybrid solutions requires industry expertise and a deep analysis of your business needs.

Cloud solutions don’t stop at storage and infrastructure. There’s also a growing choice of applications and platforms to streamline your business, including Microsoft 365, Azure and many other competing solutions. It’s our job to help you identify the right technology to meet your needs.

Before you make the leap into the cloud, you need to fully understand the impact on your organisation. Our expert, experienced Cloud Consultants guide you through the implications of virtualisation, cloud services, apps and storage including:

  • User access to applications and data.
  • Networking & connectivity needs.
  • Security implications.
  • Data centre requirements.
  • Integration & migration.
  • Costs and savings.

We’ve delivered cloud and hybrid solutions to numerous clients so we have the experience to help you navigate the myriad options to find the best fit and plan a successful transition.

We’re not bound to a single solution or vendor but we are backed by a number of key industry partnerships including Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, and NetApp.

Why choose our Cloud consultancy service

  • Readiness Assessment: We analyse your current environment and business needs to assess your cloud readiness.
  • Security Analysis: We ensure security best practices are in place to protect your business, whether it is for a new deployment or your current infrastructure.
  • Application Analysis. We assess your app requirements & plan the migrations that make most sense for your business.
  • Cloud & Infrastructure Strategy: We help you decide the right mix of infrastructure technology for your business, whether it is on-premise, IaaS or a hybrid solution.
  • Data Migration Management: We execute smooth migrations to the right virtual or physical environment without costing you downtime.

We have an overriding commitment to delivering quality, and are happy that our reputation stands on the projects that we have successfully completed. Plan-Net is ISO27001 certified and our team carries the relevant qualifications in ITIL, Microsoft, VMware, Citrix and NetApp.