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Security of your information and systems is crucial to your business and to your clients. As you handle ever expanding data in an increasingly complex environment, Information Security and Cyber Security have to be given higher priority.

Our clients know this, but many also know they aren’t adequately prepared for attacks, breaches, new regulations and shifts in best practice. That’s why they leverage our expertise to bring their security processes, certifications and tools into line.

Even within the IT industry, people use these terms interchangeably. In fact, there is a difference:

Information Security: addresses the protection of information from unauthorised use, disruption, modification or destruction. It aims to protect integrity and confidentiality while providing availability to the right people at the right time.

Cyber Security: addresses the protection and defense of your cyberspace from attacks.

Plan-Net can help you identify weaknesses, attain certifications, define your policies and even train your staff. We have the insights, technical intelligence and accreditations to guide you through new threats, regulations and technology.

We believe in turning risk into opportunity. As we evaluate your security measures, we’ll find ways to optimise business efficiency through people, processes and technology.