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Cyber-attacks cause considerable financial and reputational damage to businesses of all sizes. A security breach can cost you assets, credibility and customers. It can even leave you with significant fines and lawsuits ―especially if it has led to exposure of 3rd party information or confidential data. After an attack, you’ll need to take remedial action, costing even more time and money.

While most businesses are acutely aware of these issues, many feel underprepared and over exposed. A shift from reactive to proactive cyber security is critical in today’s technology-driven business landscape.

Why choose Plan-Net’s Cyber Security Service?

We bring the latest cyber security insights, technical intelligence and regulatory expertise to businesses in highly sensitive industries including legal, finance and banking. By assessing your resilience and optimising processes, technology and people, Plan-Net can turn your risks into advantages.

A robust cyber security plan and skilful execution puts your clients at ease in an era of increasing awareness around threats and regulations.

Safe pair of hands: We specialise in delivering best practice processes to data-sensitive industries.

Technical Intelligence: We understand the intricacies of cyber security in the most complex environments.

Transparency: We’ll help you uncover the most cost-effective way to build business resilience so that your leadership sees the ROI on your security measures.