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The Plan-Net Information Security Review is an independent assessment designed to audit all aspects of Information Security within your organisation.

This is a comprehensive review flagging up risks, vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your working practices, in addition to recording all instances where your Information Security is working well.  The Information Security Review is a cost-effective way to gain an understanding of the level of protection your business currently enjoys.

Legal Compliance

The Information Security Review can assist in addressing compliance to a variety of laws surrounding Information Security including the Data Protection Act, the Computer Misuse Act, the Freedom of Information Act and Sarbanes-Oxley. This makes it a valuable tool when it comes to recognising and acting upon areas that might leave your business culpable in the eyes of the law.

Adherence to Regulations

In addition to legal compliance, there is also the issue of conformity to business regulations, standards and directives. The Information Security Review can act as a gauge when measuring your business against the Electronic Communication Guidance, the FSA, PCI DSS, the Anti Money-laundering Directive, the International Financial Reporting Standards, Basel 2 and the Turnbull Guidance.

Client Assurances

The Information Security Review provides assurances to your client and business partners that you adhere to Best Practice and regularly review your Environment to ensure it is continuously improving and has effective controls in place to protect personal and sensitive information.

Cost Efficiency

Security within your organisation that is not aligned to business aims is not only an unnecessary cost, but can also reduce productivity within your workforce. For example, multiple authentication methods, or restrictive, irrelevant procedure can potentially cost millions of pounds in lost time. The Security Review is a comprehensive method of identifying areas which can be streamlined to improve speed and cost-efficiency.