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The relatively quick return on investment that can be achieved with virtualisation and the increased ease of agility of on-going management and maintenance makes it an attractive investment in infrastructure for many companies.

Plan-Net's Virtualisation & Optimisation Solutions are designed to make a positive impact in two areas - cutting costs and improving the user experience.

Our Consultancy team have experience of handling complex and large-scale virtualisation and optimisation projects and we hold partnerships and accreditations with all the major virtualisation technology vendors including Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, NetApp, Cisco, Marshal, Novell, SafEnd, SafeNet, Service Desk Institute and Vizioncore to name a few.

We assist our clients in the following areas;

  • Virtualisation Readiness Assessments
  • Virtualisation Platform Evaluation & Selection
  • Design & Planning
  • Implementation & Migration
  • On-going support, advice & assistance
  • VMware Projects
  • Citrix Projects

Typical engagements we can assist are detailed below.

  • Server & Storage
  • Applications
  • Desktop Infrastructure

Server Virtualisation

Virtualising your servers will significantly reduce your IT costs - and improve performance at the same time. A reduction in physical servers brought about through virtualisation brings you;

  • Lower support costs and lower energy costs
  • Quick, reliable and affordable disaster recovery across all your applications
  • Dramatically-reduced hardware costs through better utilisation of servers and desktops
  • Significant 'green' energy savings - and, therefore, even greater cost reductions
  • Better desktop management
  • A measurable, reportable return on investment within an incredibly short space of time.

More IT services no longer has to mean more servers. This in turn removes your susceptibility to increased server sprawl and the associated problems of rising costs, poor return on investment, decreasing manageability and reduced efficiency.

Application Virtualisation

Most companies struggle with deploying applications, particularly when the application set changes on a regular basis. An application delivery¬Ě strategy focuses on making applications available to users who need them, and not on deploying them to scores or hundreds of machines.

A number of vendors, and specifically Citrix and Microsoft have very compelling product sets, including Xen App, Terminal Services 2008 and application streaming which remove the need to deploy applications altogether, thus helping address one of the IT department's major on-going headaches.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtualising your desktop infrastructure using Plan-Net's expertise enables the delivery of a rich, personalised environment to every user with all the benefits of centralised management. A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows IT to run desktops in the datacentre while giving end users a single view of all their applications and data in a familiar environment on any device, in any location.

With proper implementation of the correct VDI solution for your specific requirements you will attain greater flexibility, reliability, efficiency and security along with the ability to manage desktops and applications remotely from the service desk and datacentre.