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New technology is promoting mobility amongst people across industry sectors.

Having a mobile, collaborative workforce provides the potential for increased productivity, flexibility and innovation., but it also presents its own set of challenges. Do employees have the right communication tools and access to work and collaborate effectively when they are away from the office? How do you maintain functionality? How can you ensure your data is safe when it goes off-site on mobile devices?

Whether you have noticed risks or inefficiencies within your current mobile environment, or you are starting from scratch, Plan-Net can help you plan and implement an agile working environment with the right mix of accessibility, security and cost-efficiency.

For a smooth transition, your employees need a mobile experience that is as close to their in-office experience as possible followed by robust yet agile management.

After a thorough evaluation, we use our technical and industry expertise to design structured roadmaps for improved collaboration, mobility and data protection. Drawing on our change management experience, we ensure a smooth transition for all employees with an agile and flexible approach.

Plan-Net’s Infrastructure services are tailor-made to your business goals. We identify the unique challenges in your organisation, create a bespoke strategy and deliver it with ongoing, expert support.

Why you should choose our Mobility and Collaboration service:

  • Improve user satisfaction.
  • Provide flexible working options to employees.
  • Increase productivity through better teamwork.
  • Increase user adoption with change implementation excellence.
  • Minimise disruption to employees.
  • Remove user workarounds that create invisibility & data breach risks.
  • Decrease costs with robust device management process.
  • Tighten your mobile security.