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Managed Deployment

The deployment phase of a project can often involve substantial administration and logistical activity, particularly for deployments in larger organisations or across multiple offices. It’s important to the overall success of a project that these challenges are managed effectively.

It is also the stage where changes start to visibly impact your employees. Therefore, it can be quite a sensitive part of the project, that can affect business productivity and the overall perception from the business as to how well the project was managed.
Plan-Net provides project owners with a managed deployment capability. We supply the skills and expertise needed while taking responsibility for agreed deployment deliverables so that your business is relieved of the additional logistics, admin and HR overheads that usually come with a large scale deployment. 

We’ll work flexibly to minimise downtime so you can keep your high-value staff productive. 

Once the project implementation occurs everything changes. New workflows become the new normal and you want to ensure business as usual continues unaffected as your teams get up to speed with new systems. 

To help with this period, our managed deployments go beyond implementation to give invaluable support during the transitional phase and beyond.

This includes:

  • Ensuring agreed project deliverables and timetables are achieved.
  • Floor walking capability ensuring that issues your staff may have with the new system are resolved quickly.
  • Thorough and comprehensive staff training. This happens before the new system goes live ensuring your teams are up to speed and able to do their jobs.
  • Early-life support to prevent the projects facing any teething problems when they go live. We can assist in ensuring these issues are quickly resolved so BAU impacts are minimal.

Why use Plan-Net for your Project Deployment? 

  • Your Plan-Net Service Delivery Manager gives you a single point of contact and manages the deployment under your own control.
  • Our deployment teams are proactive, work to a KPI model and are answerable to the project/programme manager.
  • We build an in-depth understanding of the project and your business.
  • Our deployment teams are the best placed to offer support.We have vast experience of project rollouts into complex industry sectors such as finance and banking, legal, and media.
  • We minimise disruption and ensure your staff are able to use the new system quickly.
  • Avoid reputation damage with a successful project roll-out.The service is accountable to your standards and service level agreements.
  • Project roll-out is arguably the most stressful and painful part of project implementation.   We handle this so you don’t have to.
  • Our teams can be with you for as long as they are needed.
  • As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have the experience to deal with many issues before a new system goes live and can draw upon our consulting expertise is needed.
  • Absence cover models to ensure capacity.