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Expert IT Project Planning Services 

IT projects often encounter all sorts of issues. From running over budget and completion dates to architectural headaches, the list can seem overwhelming.  Should the project derail, damage to reputation and financial costs can be far reaching.

To minimise these risks, it is essential to have a well defined business case and project scope from the start. Our top level project planning solution provides:

  • A clearly defined project in line with your business objectives:  Here we define deliverables, agree budget, set objectives, establish a clear timetable/deadlines, and assign responsibilities.  All parties will know what is expected of them.
  • Project shaping: Our accredited experts will help match what you need to what is achievable. They provide guidance, leadership, and mentoring.
  • Services, network and infrastructure: We will conduct architecture assessment and design.
  • Full documentation and skills transfer: You will be able to bring your staff up to speed with new technologies quickly and give them to tools for a smooth transition.

Why use Plan-Net to scope your project?

  • Hands-on, bespoke, agile approach: Our experts are fully accredited and we are a Microsoft Gold Partner. Our experience has been earned delivering complex projects in finance and banking, media, legal, and other intricate professional sectors
  • No project is too small or too big: Scoping and solution design is essential to the success of every project
  • Solution Orientated: Our professionals are adept at providing creative solutions to technical problems. They will ‘think outside the box’ to deliver a workable and robust solution
  • Your project completed faster:  A fully scoped project with defined requirements from the start gives teams solid objectives to work towards. This results in faster completion of the project.
  • Avoid spiralling costs and reputation damage:  Projects which are poorly defined at the start are at high risk of derailing.  This incurs costs both financial reputational costs.
  • Reduce project expenditure: Bringing in an expert team at the planning stage is more cost effective and carries less risk than bringing in an expert team halfway through the project.