Cyber Security and Information Security Consulting

Plan-Net’s expert consultancy to ensure the security and compliance of your data and IT environment.

Our Cyber Security and Information Security Consulting is designed to help as your organisation handles an ever-expanding volume of data, in increasingly complex technological and compliance environments, and security becomes an ever higher priority.

With years of expert and hand-on experience serving businesses in high-sensitivity fields including Finance, Law and Media, Plan-Net has outstanding qualifications to bring both your Information Security and Cyber Security into line.

How we can help you with Information Security and Cyber Security?

In the area of Information Security, Plan-Net has the insights, technical intelligence and appropriate accreditations to guide your organisation through new threats as they arise; to keep you abreast of (and equipped to comply with) regulations; and to ensure that the technical measures you have in place are both compliant and robust. We can also help you define Information Security policies, and train your staff to adhere to this in their working practices.

With regard to Cyber Security, we can again identify and nullify weaknesses, alert you to new threats and ensure your protection against these, as well as helping attain certifications, defining policies and training staff to work within best practices for Cyber security.

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Could our Cyber Security and Information Security Consulting be of help to you?

Even if you believe you have solid policies and measures in place to ensure your compliance and safety, as well as the safety of your users, expert and independent reviewing of your measures by Plan-Net’s Information and Cyber Security experts would still be of great value in managing risk.

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“It is a pleasure to work with Plan-Net. We wanted a ‘high-touch’ support team and they are consistently delivering this.”

Roland D'Costa, Director of Global IT Service, 3i Plc

Is our Cyber Security and Information Security Consulting ‘Business Advantage IT’?

Of course it is. Specialised independent expertise is invaluable in reducing exposure to the operational, financial and reputational risks of breach or failure to meet regulatory compliance standards. Having this clearly amounts to a very real business advantage.

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Talk to us about Business Advantage IT

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