IT Infrastructure Management

Plan-Net’s ongoing service for effective monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure.

Our IT Infrastructure Management  monitoring and maintenance service minimises risk, increases security, and ensures business continuity as well as maximum uptime.

Just as road and rail networks do not report their own condition nor manage their own upkeep, IT infrastructure requires continuous monitoring and rectification, as well as scheduling of both routine upkeep and strategic enhancements.

What does proper IT Infrastructure Management give you?

Monitoring your infrastructure, and responding to its requirements, places a continuous drain on the resource of an in-house IT department.

This reduces its availability to work on strategic tasks connected to the needs and development of the business. Outsourcing management of your IT infrastructure to Plan-Net transfers that responsibility to us.

We deploy bespoke monitoring tools and provide the resource to track their data and respond to issues in real time, anticipating problems before they become manifest.

The result is maximum uptime for your users, and improved efficiency for the business.

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Would our IT Infrastructure Management help you?

If your IT Department is already at full stretch dealing with ad-hoc projects and user support, letting us deal with ongoing monitoring and upkeep of your IT infrastructure would relieve them of that pressure, and ensure problems are identified and dealt with proactively.

What are the key benefits of our IT Infrastructure Management service?
For your Users
  • Reduced risk of system downtime jeopardising productivity.
  • Accelerated progress of in-house IT resource through productivity-enhancing projects.
  • Continuous consideration of required system improvements.
For your IT Department
  • Freeing up of team resource for strategic projects and user support.
  • Transfer of responsibility for ensuring uptime of infrastructure.
  • Expert partner to inform cases for required expenditure on upgrades and migrations.
For the Business
  • Release of in-house IT resource onto business-focused tasks.
  • Improved sensitivity of monitoring and proactive response.
  • Reduction in business continuity risks posed by potential failure of infrastructure components.
IT Infrastructure Management client - Plan-Net

"As a charity, ensuring organisational efficiency is a key priority for the Epilepsy Society and IT can be a key enabler in achieving this. Plan-Net make recommendations based on our particular organisation and always create tailored solutions. That is why we keep going back to them for advice and guidance on any major project we are looking to undertake."

Avinash Shah, Head of ICT, Epilepsy Society

Is IT Infrastructure Management ‘Business Advantage IT’?

Very definitely. Ensuring continuous and expert monitoring of your infrastructure and proactive rectification of problems which threaten its optimal performance reduces business risk, reduces costs and brings with it significant increases in efficiency. All of these create advantage for your business over its competitors.

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Talk to us about IT Infrastructure Management

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