IT Infrastructure Review

Plan-Net’s expert review process for audit and consideration of your business IT infrastructure.

An IT Infrastructure Review considers whether your IT infrastructure operates securely and efficiently.

Even with an existing framework in place, it’s easy for capacity issues, performance drops and IT governance oversights to appear to the detriment of the business. Plan-Net’s expert IT Infrastructure Review Team audits your infrastructure, identifying blind spots and providing precise guidance on the remedial work required.

What does our IT Infrastructure Review consist of?

A Plan-Net IT Infrastructure Review enables you to understand which elements of your current IT infrastructure are fit-for-business and which are not, and shows how you can improve tangible performance of the system to the benefit of your users and the organisation.

The Review rewards you with peace of mind by identifying IT-related business risks before they take their toll. Our Reviews are carried out by expert consultants with a proven track record across multiple sectors and situations. They can be focused solely on your core technology and infrastructure or cover the people and process elements of your operation, too.

We can even help you prioritise technology improvements and spend so that you save money without compromising uptime.

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Would an IT Infrastructure Review be valuable for you?

If your IT infrastructure has evolved rather than being planned, has not been holistically reviewed for some time (or never), or you are experiencing inferior performance in some area of delivery or wish to take stock as part of a renewal phase, our IT Infrastructure Review would indeed be of real value.

What are the key benefits of an IT Infrastructure Review?
For your Users
  • Identification of weaknesses impairing day to day use
  • Ensuring of pathway for efficient IT working in a fast-evolving future.
  • Independent rather than in-house assessment of infrastructure.
For your IT Department
  • Independent, specialist external support in raising important infrastructure issues and requirements.
  • Swift availability of Review without diversion of senior level in-house resource.
For the Business
  • Expert identification of weaknesses or problems.
  • Development of pathway to future-ready infrastructure.
  • Optimisation of user performance.
  • Improved cost efficiencies.
IT Director, Simmons & Simmons

"From day one, we all saw a massive difference in response levels from Plan-Net beyond recognition"

Peter Ball, Service Desk Team Lead at Cripps Pemberton Greenish 

Is our IT Infrastructure Review ‘Business Advantage IT’?

Without a doubt. Understanding your current infrastructure, identifying where it may be causing problem and its limitations for your future enables you to plan for enhanced performance and an evolution which will ensure the business support you need years into the future.

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