IT Infrastructure Transformation

Plan-Net’s expert resource for planning and management of largescale IT infrastructure change.

Plan-Net’s expert IT Infrastructure Transformation team has the operational experience and project management skills to plan and carry out largescale remodelling of IT infrastructure effectively and efficiently.

If your organisation is involved in an M&A, rationalisation or reconfiguration of operations, or is undertaking a largescale strategic plan to enable it to compete more effectively, this kind of significant transformation to your IT infrastructure will almost certainly be required.


What does expert IT Infrastructure Transformation give you?

When you undertake organisation-wide change, management time is at a premium, and tensions can run particularly high.

Transforming IT infrastructure is a core challenge in change of this kind, and even experienced in-house IT professionals may not have undertaken this previously.

If they have, their experience may not extend to dealing with cloud, mobile and emerging technologies. Plan-Net’s Infrastructure Transformation experts have the experience and know how to de-risk your transformation, with incisive technical planning, and meticulous project management.

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Would our IT Infrastructure Transformation experts be of help you?

If you are involved in the management of a major IT infrastructure transformation of any kind, and simply cannot risk the fallout that would be caused by a technical misjudgement, a failure to meet timelines or a budget overrun, then Plan-Net can help you.

What are the key benefits of expertly managed IT Infrastructure Transformation?
For your Users
  • Maximum consideration of needs during planning of transformation.
  • Minimum disruption during process of transformation implementation.
  • Expert support for exceptional issues arising at any stage.
For your IT Department
  • Transfer of responsibility for planning and implementation of transformation.
  • Expert and collaborative partnering.
  • Freeing of in-house resource to retain focus on ongoing business issues.
For the Business
  • Minimisation of risks associated with transformation: technical, timing and budgetary.
  • Minimisation of disruption to operations.
  • Freeing of in-house IT resource.
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"I am always happy to recommend Plan-Net - they have knowledgeable staff, practical & technical expertise, and the approach and flexibility that you need in consultants. I trust Plan-Net 100%"

Director of Information Services, Learning & Skills Network

Is expert IT Infrastructure Transformation ‘Business Advantage IT’?

It could not be any more so! The risks associated with a poorly handled infrastructure transformation are colossal. Plan-Net’s experience and expertise obviate these, assuring a well-planned and immaculately executed evolution. The reduced risk and efficient onlining of new infrastructure amount to true business advantage.

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