Interim Management

Experienced and available cover to help you manage your IT through periods of change.

As the needs of your organisation and the shape of your IT environment change, gaps can open up in the resource you have available to manage this key component of your operations. Such situations may immediately demand a hire, which can take time to complete successfully. In other situations, an immediate hire may not be desirable, with a cautious wait to see how things evolve providing a more sensible course of action.

Plan-Net can help in either situation, providing you with experienced interim IT Management at all levels and for all roles.

How can our Interim IT Management help you_-2

How can our Interim IT Management help you?

Whether to assist during transition periods, business change or your search for a permanent resource, Plan-Net can help you fill inline functions on a temporary basis.

We can quickly provide you with an interim Head of IT, Service Delivery Manager, Service Desk Manager or other high-level IT function, with the technical expertise and leadership experience to keep your team on track and your business meeting its goals.

As well as bringing along skills, contacts and knowledge which may then be transferred to your team, their fresh and unbiased perspective can also provide new clarity and opportunities for improvement in your IT function In addition to ensuring business-as-usual, our Interim Management service gives you the flexibility and time to consider your options thoroughly before deciding on a permanent hire.

Could our Interim Management help you?

Could our Interim Management help you?

If you have a temporary or permanent Management gap at any point in your IT chain of command, then our Interim Management solution will not only solve it for you quickly, but will buy you time and add to the flexibility of your options.


//For me, it’s an opportunity to get an independent, expert view that I’m doing everything right and allows us to jointly spot any issues or opportunities. Through this process too, Plan-Net can also stay familiar with our environment so the team can continue to provide us with ‘seamless’ cover when I’m on leave.

Mark Williams, IT Manager, Granta

Is our Interim Management service ‘Business Advantage IT’?

Of course. It’s a practical and cost effective way to ensure business-as-usual no matter where a Management role has become vacant in your IT resource, as well as a prudent way to observe and consider your options before making a costly new hire. Definite business advantage.

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