IT Strategy Consulting

Our experienced consulting offer to bring your IT strategy into line with your commercial goals.

Our IT Strategy Consulting offer recognises that, as the enabler of your information sourcing and sharing, data management and processing and communications of every kind, your IT is a potent force in the achievement of your goals. As such, it needs to be underpinned with a strategy reflecting both your objectives and a realisable roadmap for achieving these.

How could our IT Strategy Consulting benefit you?

Whether you’d like to complete some kind of short term review, or are considering a total transformation of your business IT, our independent consultants will bring experience, vision, wisdom and clarity to your consideration and planning.

Our consultants are used to working with senior management, both technical and non-technical, to develop IT strategies to support or enable commercial objectives of every kind.

We have consultants experienced in IT Strategy for just about every field of commerce, and have in-depth strength in Plan-Net’s core client fields of Law, Finance and Professional Services.

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Could our IT Strategy Consulting help you?

If your organisation needs to review any aspect of its IT investment, the way it thinks about IT or the benefits which an IT rethink might bring to the business, then the insight of our independent Consultants would add expertise and new perspective to those of your own stakeholders.

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“The Strategy Committee was a good idea – it made non-IT managers feel as if they, too, were part of the IT strategy’s development and that it wasn’t a dictatorial document on which only the IT department had a say. The awareness workshops were a great way to focus our attention on what we should be looking at, what we would like and what we can afford to do.”

Avinash Shah, Head of ICT at the Epilepsy Society

Is our IT Strategy Consultancy ‘Business Advantage IT’?

Yes it is. Allowing IT to evolve organically, or in parallel with activity in the rest of the business, is inefficient in the extreme. By aligning the objectives of the business with your IT deployments and investment, IT Strategy Consultancy creates valuable business advantage.

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If you’d like help in considering your IT strategy within the framework of your overall business objectives, get in touch.