Microsoft 365 Migration and Support

Plan-Net takes you safely and easily into the enabling world of Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise is a complete, intelligent solution, bringing three previously separate Microsoft solutions together to empower employees to be creative and work together, securely.

It combines Office 365, Windows 10 and security through Microsoft 365. It’s your all in one tool for a flexible, scalable and secure workspace.

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What can Microsoft 365 do for you?

Microsoft 365 enables users to collaborate and work together seamlessly, from anywhere using any device. It also provides the latest applications including Teams and OneDrive, which supports screen sharing, instant messaging and document sharing.

Your team will be able to access existing documents, reducing the time spent on duplicating work. They’ll also be able to streamline their interactions with customers using Microsoft Forms. Additionally, and importantly, it comes with proactive security built-in, so you can rest in the knowledge that your employee, customer and company data is completely secure and compliant.


How would Microsoft 365 be of help to you?

Microsoft 365 will provide you with the best solution for managing risk whilst creating a digital-first workplace.

Not only will Microsoft 365 help you address security and compliance concerns, but it will also equip your employees with the latest tools and technology, enabling them to work from anywhere whilst also streamlining business processes.

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What are the big wins when migrating to Microsoft 365?
For your IT Department
  • Comprises Microsoft Teams, which will enable everyone to connect with company-wide communities
  • Provides 24/7 support from Microsoft 365 specialists when required.
  • Cloud-based management and cyberthreat protection
  • Use Outlook and Exchange to easily connect with customers and coworkers
For the Business
  • Enhanced data protection controls 
  • Unique login for all services and devices and one-point accountability
  • Facilitated employee set up and improved file storage management
  • Benefit from Office 365  and keep up with the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

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