Mobility and Collaboration

Expert extension and optimisation of your infrastructure for secure, effective agile working.

Mobile working and collaboration is now a ubiquitous component of the way professionals in every field carry out their work.

Plan-Net has unsurpassed expertise in designing IT infrastructures that enable efficient agile working while protecting your organisation against security risks and ensuring compliance with data-governance legislation.

What does an infrastructure built for Mobility and Collaboration mean?

What does an infrastructure built for Mobility and Collaboration mean?

Mobile working and collaboration technologies can bring huge benefits to the productivity and efficiency of your users, but also create vulnerabilities to your security and challenges for maintaining the integrity of your data-governance.

Plan-Net carries out a thorough evaluation of your current infrastructure and requirements for agile working and collaboration.

We then use our specialised technical expertise and Professional Services industry experience to design a structured roadmap that delivers the highest possible level of mobile working and collaboration, along with all necessary security safeguards and data protection compliance measures.

Would our Mobility and Collaboration expertise be of help to you?

Would our Mobility and Collaboration expertise be of help to you?

If you have not previously optimised your IT infrastructure for mobile working, or if you are only now planning to support true mobile working and collaboration, our experience and understanding of the Professional Services environment could be of clear benefit to you.

What are the benefits of our expertise in Mobility and Collaboration infrastructure?

For your Users

  • Optimal mobile working, with tools and infrastructure designed to make interacting with your systems and core apps absolutely seamless, no matter where the user is.
  • Better and more effective collaboration with colleagues.

For your IT Department

  • Improved performance and availability of all apps and resources for remote users.
  • High level expertise in mobile and collaborative working which may not be available in-house.

For the Business

  • Increased performance of team members through improved mobile working.
  • Improved collaboration between team members.
  • Leveraging of maximum return from IT investment.

// I don’t really see the team at Plan-Net as suppliers but more as colleagues. I value their expert second opinion and their collaborative way of working provides me with an opportunity to up-skill myself. All in all, I feel quite lucky to have such a good working relationship with Plan-Net.

Mark Williams, IT Manager, Granta

Is good Mobility and Collaboration infrastructure ‘Business Advantage IT’?

Very much so. Being able to carry out any task, wherever you are, and to collaborate quickly and easily with your colleagues and customers are now essential parts of everyday working. Having an IT infrastructure that not only allows this, but is designed to facilitate it, gives you discernible advantage over less prepared competitors.

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