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We've learnt a lot of over the last 29-years. It's about time we get that down on virtual paper and share with you. Over the next few months, we're going to be creating to some great resources to share our knowledge, insights and tips to help your IT function and capability be the best. So, keep checking back regularly!

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    The Ultimate Guide to ensuring your IT Service Desk is performing at its best

    Making the business case for Service Desk optimisation is the first step. After all, where resources and time are limited - and with competing claims for your time and attention coming in from other areas of the business, what makes this area a priority?

    We give a real-life illustration of how Service Desk optimisation makes a positive difference - and outline the trends to watch to further boost performance. This is the Ultimate Guide to ensure your IT Service Desk is performing at its best. 

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    10 things your IT Service Desk Should not be doing- Thumbnail

    How can you tell if an IT Service Desk is fit for purpose? To help you with this, Ben Whitehead, Head of Project and Support Services, lists the 10 things that should not be happening. If they are, then perhaps it's time to rethink whether your current IT support is due an overhaul.


    With emerging tech like mobile, chat, cloud and more, helpdesks have never been under more pressure. Pete Canavan, Plan-Net's Support Services Director, want to help ease that pressure by sharing what he's learned over the last two decades. This is a compilation of his top 20 tips, inspired by the most common questions he's asked every day.

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    M&A 2019- min

    50% of M&A activity fail to deliver an increase in shareholder value.

    Make sure you and your organisation are not part of this statistic.

    This guide will highlight what you need to consider to ensure your IT integration is a success.

    SD What to Consider 2019-min

    Deciding whether to outsource all or part of the IT support function, such as the IT Service Desk, is a common consideration amongst organisations of all sizes.

    As a Managed Service provider with a 28 year track record, we’ve highlighted some of the key areas to consider when evaluating the option of Service Desk outsourcing.

    7 Ways 2019-min

    The continued consumerisation of it means that users are more demanding than ever and there are multiple devices per user to support, including their own. So whilst these challenges are not new, the nature of the issues and the focus of the service desk is changing.

    This guide will help understand the Service Desk Challenges and how to resolve them instantly. 

    5 Steps Service Transistion 2019-min

    As our reliance on IT only increases with time, it is being more and more acknowledged that the IT Service Desk is the backbone of most organisations. It not only serves to support the business, but can improve the way work is carried out ultimately assisting the business to be more competitive.

    A Service Transition project can help the service it needs to be efficient, well-managed and up-to-date with the latest innovations.

    Flexible On-site Support - Infographic

    Flexible on-site support from Plan-Net combines the control and stability of permanent staff with the flexibility of contractors, with the added features of a complete end-to-end service.


    IT managers often find themselves constantly juggling uncertain demand against continually variable supply of IT support resource. Aware of Plan-Net’s reputation in the financial sector, the Bank approached Plan-Net to alleviate their urgent requirements and provide a long-term solution that would still allow them to retain overall management control.