IT Project Scoping and Solution Design

Plan-Net’s expert service to ensure intelligent and achievable specification of IT projects.

Plan-Net's IT Project Scoping and Solution Design service provides expert consulting to ensure that, no matter its complexity, your project can be delivered to optimum specification, on time and on budget.

Every IT project brings with it the risk of disaster. Without thoughtful and meticulous planning of this kind, even relatively simple projects can run off the rails, spiralling into a never-concluding nightmare of missed deadlines, knock-on implications, budget overruns and reputation loss at personal, IT departmental and even organisational levels.

How can our IT Project Scoping and Solution Design help you?

Scoping and planning a successful IT project requires experience, high level technical expertise and adherence to a rigorous methodology.

Starting with a properly defined business case and project scope, Plan-Net’s Solution Design consultants will author a project definition that aligns precisely with your stated business goals.

They will then define achievable project outcomes before progressing to a comprehensive architectural assessment and design.

This process results in the preparation of a full documentation for your project, as well as providing your team with skills transfer from accredited project scoping experts.

Could our IT Project Scoping and Solution Design consulting help you? - Plan-Net
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Could our IT Project Scoping and Solution Design consulting help you?

If you are moving towards a significant IT project and are either pushed for suitably high-level capacity in your IT department, or fear that you may lack the skills to scope the project and design a solution outwards, starting from the business case, then ‘Yes’, our Scoping and Solution Design consulting would be of real benefit.

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“Unlike many other service providers, Plan-Net does not make generic comments on ‘what a charity usually needs’. They make recommendations based on our particular organisation and always create tailored solutions. That is why we keep going back to them for advice and guidance on any major project we are looking to undertake.”

Avinash Shah, Head of ICT, Epilepsy Society

Is IT Project Scoping and Solution Design  ‘Business Advantage IT’?

It is. Designing an IT solution to professional methodologies, around a proper understanding of the business case, ensures fitness for purpose as well as facilitating a streamlined and efficient implementation process. That definitely creates business advantage.

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