Boost the Service Desk you have right now into the Service Desk you actually need.
With the help of one of the UK’s leading providers of IT support to the financial & professional services sectors.

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Service Desk

Plan-Net’s full-service solution for keeping your business and your users working effectively.

Our Service Desk service is designed and configured specifically for your business, to keep your users and systems working smoothly and happily throughout the day. It can be extended to provide full support for out of business hours queries and incidents if you wish. We can base the service either on or off your premises with no difference at all to the quality of support experienced by your users, the business or your own IT Department.

Smiling Customer service representative with headset on in a call center

What does our Service Desk give you?

From 7.00am to 8.00pm (with optional round the clock extension through our Out of Hours service), your users and IT department will have a clearly defined, appropriately staffed and constantly available single point of contact to which to direct all IT faults, queries and requests.

Users can access the service by phone, email, web portal and (where required) chat messenger. Tickets are logged and managed inside your own ticket logging system, providing both your users and management with full visibility.

The model for your Service Desk is initially configured, and is continually optimised, by undertaking data analysis of your usage. By doing this, we can ensure that we have understood both your demand curve and your Service Content need.


Would our Service Desk be suitable for you?

If you’re a professional services organisation involved in the Banking, Investment Management, Private Equity, Insurance, Legal, Accounting or Consulting fields, and you have more than 500 users, our Service Desk service, combined with Plan-Net’s extensive experience in these sectors, would be difficult, if not impossible to beat.

What are the big wins with Plan-Net Service Desk?

For Your Users

  • Totally flexible access, rapid response with very high rate of first time fix.
  • Instant escalation and resolution for more complex issues.
  • Intelligent, helpful and aware of working needs at all times.

For your IT Department

  • Accountable and professional collaboration and reporting.
  • Peerless competence.
  • Relief from operational and recruitment responsibilities.
  • Provides new scalability and specialist knowledge when required.

For the Business

  • Improved User satisfaction and increased productivity.
  • Increased operational efficiency throughout the business.
  • One-point accountability. Total transparency.
  • Increased cost efficiency.

//With only 10% of all contacts being escalated now and better collaboration, working relationships between the Service Desk and the rest of IT have dramatically improved.

Darren Broughton, Head of IT, BLM

Is our Service Desk ‘Business Advantage IT’?

It certainly is. By ensuring your users can get on with their work with an unrivalled quality of support to deal with IT issues, and by relieving you of the onus for managing, maintaining and scaling support resource, Plan-Net’s Service Desk contributes both operational and cost-saving Business Advantage.

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