Boost the Service Desk you have right now into the Service Desk you actually need.
With the help of one of the UK’s leading providers of IT support to the financial & professional services sectors.


Does your Service Desk struggle to keep up with the demand of your firm?

Are response times and resolution rates slipping?

Are absences leaving your desk under-resourced?

Have your users lowered their expectations and resigned themselves to inadequate support?

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You need Service Desk Boost

Service Desk Boost is the unique new service from Plan-Net, one of the UK’s leading Professional Services IT support providers.

Our clients include leading organisations in the Legal, Financial and Consulting sectors, as well as in adjacent sectors like Media and Publishing.

We don’t just understand your IT.

We understand how Professional Services firms work, what you need and what you expect.


What is Service Desk Boost?

There are good reasons for running an in-house Service Desk. But with the comforts come a host of challenges and problems including:

  • Staff churn and absences
  • Management distraction and overhead
  • Difficulty in handling project spikes
  • Lack of skills availability

We put an end to all of this by adding a base level of capacity continually available as part of your Service Desk, plus the facility to add further to your capacity as and when required.


Here’s how it works

Service Desk Boost is delivered by a team of experienced support analysts located at our 24/7 Service Desk operations centre here in the UK. Connecting securely to your Service Desk, we replicate the environment of your service precisely, including direct population of your toolset.

We then become a seamless part of your Service Desk resource each day, handling an agreed volume of tickets, within agreed hours of operation. If you need additional tickets handling, scaling up is easy.

Before being deployed to you, our analysts complete thorough onsite training with your Service Desk. The quality of telephone response and ticket handling delivered by Service Desk Boost will surpass or match the performance metrics achieved by your own team.

Highly effective... and cost effective.

You receive an immediate and measurable improvement to your Service Desk performance, and the service is designed to be flexible and cost competitive.

The 90 day rolling contract period is similar to the time generally required to recruit and train new in-house analysts, while the cost is at least comparable with the full cost of engaging your own analysts.


We can now provide a much more proactive service. Working with Plan-Net has enabled us to focus on improving the service as a whole. We know we have a capable supporting function we can rely on and build on.

IT Manager, Kennedys

Get all the business advantages. Without making big changes.

With Service Desk Boost, there are no strategic decisions or changes to account for. You just enjoy the benefits of:

No disruption
No distraction
No HR complications

You simply switch on and enjoy all the benefits of the extra hands on deck.

  • Your Boost analysts match or surpass the performance of your own Service Desk.
  • You have the same management control of the Boost analysts you have over the rest of your Service Desk.
  • You have zero management issues. With Service Desk Boost, that’s all looked after by us.

Plan-Net specialises in providing IT Support to the Financial and Professional Services sector.

Over the past 10 years, our 24/7 Service Desk has been providing thousands of users with the highest levels of response, resolution and customer service.

Talk to us today about how to get an extra BOOST on your Service Desk.

With Service Desk Boost in place, you can:

  • Rapidly clear off unresolved tickets.
  • Suspend recruitment.
  • Stop having to train up Service Desk staff.
  • Backfill absences or project workload.

Find out about adding a BOOST to your Service Desk today

Get in touch today, and we’ll show you how Service Desk Boost could underpin your Service Desk resource without any big changes.