Service Management Planning

Experienced and independent consulting to optimise management of your IT services.

Achieving and maintaining high levels of IT service while at the same time fulfilling organisation-wide targets for reduction in overheads, is now a perpetual challenge for both business and IT department.

Through our Service Management Planning, Plan-Net specialises in optimising IT operations to be high-performance, cost-efficient platforms for business success.

How can our Service Management Planning help you_-1

How can our Service Management Planning help you?

Our Service Management Planning consultants work with your IT department, helping them to enhance the performance, flexibility, security, cost-efficiency and ultimately, user productivity associated with your IT.

Projects undertaken as a part of this consultancy might include a Service Review, in which we provide an independent assessment of the IT-related processes underpinning the delivery of IT to your organisation.

Other projects include Process Design and Implementation, as well as projects around the optimisation, or selection and configuration, of Service Management Toolsets. Our consultants adopt an intelligent and pragmatic approach to Service Management, respecting ITIL Best Practices while interpreting these realistically for the bespoke needs of each organisation.

Could our Service Management Planning be of value to you?

Could our Service Management Planning be of value to you?

In any organisation in which the quality of service levels is under scrutiny, and pressure exists to extract maximum value from spend, an independent review by Plan-Net’s expert Service Management Planning team could provide invaluable options and improvements.


//We would like to thank everyone at Plan-Net for the excellent service you have provided the Bank over the last eight years.

Judy Bennett, Head of Service, Bank of England

Is Service Management Planning ‘Business Advantage IT’?

Absolutely. Our expert Service Management Planning ensures that the business and your users enjoy levels of IT service commensurate with the importance and value of their work, while ensuring the business achieves optimum efficiency in its IT spend. Two huge business advantages.

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