Achieving a scalable, enterprise-grade IT platform to match your growth ambitions

Often the challenge of competing against larger, more established organisations is how to deliver a superior service with comparatively less resources available to you.

Therefore, in order to achieve your growth ambitions and compete against larger players, you have to be smarter.

From access to big business strategic IT thinking to enterprise-level infrastructure and end-user support services affordably, find out how Plan-Net can help you achieve a scalable IT platform.

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Data security and compliance

Professional services firms are faced with the constant challenge of ensuring they have taken steps to safeguarding large amounts of sensitive data in accordance with numerous industry regulations and guidelines as well as being able to prepare for any new regulations. Additionally, they must also be able to prevent cyber attacks and data breaches - in 2016 alone, 40% of law firms experience data breaches - as well as ensuring the technologies used are also compliant. On top of all this, organisations are left dealing with the costs of controlling compliance - i.e. the need to budget for compliance officers, fines, personal liability, software and so on.

Find out how we can help ensure your firm’s data is kept secure and compliant.

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Accessing the right skillsets to fulfill your IT plans

Having a robust strategy and plan is key to leveraging the power of IT for your business.

However, if you don't have access to the right level of the right skills at the right time, managed in the right way to execute your plan, you risk snowballing costs and overall failure.

Plan-Net has a long and successful track record of augmenting in-house IT functions with managed skillsets to enable their IT plans.

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Protecting from disaster

In a digital world, any number of things could happen that could affect your mission-critical data, from cyber attacks to outages and malware. Even natural disasters such as flooding or fires could pose a threat to your data. Loss of data is a major concern for many organisations as well as:

  • Loss of productivity
  • Indirect costs of downtime
  • Reputational damage
  • Customer churn

Therefore you need to ensure you have a disaster recovery plan in place to ensure you can restore your data and systems with as little downtime as possible.

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Better business productivity through IT

Your biggest asset is undoubtedly your workforce. If they are not productive, then your business is not productive.

However, for the majority of professional service firms, your workers are almost completely dependent on technology. If they are having downtime and access issues because of IT, your business and bottom-line suffers.

We understand the importance and impact front-line IT services can have on your business. Learn how our end-user support services can enable your business.

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Migrating to Office 365

While the cloud isn’t a new concept for businesses, there is a still a lack of adoption amongst organisations. Data security is of course, a key concern that many in the legal and financial landscapes have when making the move towards digital. However, there is a concern for professional services firms in ensuring:

  • Correct implementation
  • Minimal disruption
  • Risk aversion when it comes to cyber security and sensitive data
  • Data security and compliance

Learn how we can ensure your Microsoft Office 365 implementation runs smoothly with as little downtime as possible.

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Lack of efficiency in communication, collaboration and remote working

Now more than ever, constant communication with clients is a necessity in terms of customer satisfaction.

And modern working is becoming less about being office based and more organisations are adopting remote-working methods in a bid to become a more flexible, efficient workplace.

Without the right support in place to support technologies that enable this, the benefits of agile working may not be realised. In fact, it could set your business back. Plan-Net can make sure that your workers are supported remotely, on-the-go and regardless of location and time-zone so they can keep your clients happy.

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Workplace technology takeover

AI, automation, Blockchain are becoming key drivers in the professional services world and they are beginning to determine our work processes. As more organisations begin adopting new technologies to keep up with the changing digital landscape, there are some things to consider. While these new technologies can help create new levels of efficiency and productivity in your organisation, there can be an impact upon:

  • Costs
  • Concerns around data security
  • Cost of training
  • Redundancies (i.e. technology replacing employees)
  • Productivity

With new technology in the workplace on the rise, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Book a consultation with us and we’ll discuss the best strategy to make sure you’re getting the most out of your technology and your employees.

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Our Services

End-user support services

End-user support services

As specialists in End-User support services for legal, financial and professional services firms, we understand that your business strategy depends on a high quality service desk.

Whether you need to outsource your entire service desk or just peak and out-of-hours cover, Plan-Net can help.

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Infrastructure services

Infrastructure services

Cloud, mobility and other emerging technologies are changing the way your industry does business.

Our Infrastructure experts are ready to help with migrations, on-prem, cloud and hybrid solutions whether you need a transformation or ongoing management.

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Project services

Project services

IT projects have become increasingly important for businesses that want to compete. As technology has become more complex, your in-house teams need specialist knowledge and experience to deliver on time, on budget, and on-point.

That’s where we come in.

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Consulting services


Analysis, design, and migration work. Refining procedures and recommending solutions.
These are the building blocks of IT consulting. But we believe that a project isn’t complete until it’s been successfully implemented.

We’re here to take full responsibility from beginning to end.

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